Friday, 25 April 2008


NEW NETWORKS - In addition to the Festival website which is currently being re-vamped we have set up two new online Festival information and networking resources at MySpace (see links) and here at

We'd like to invite you to contribute to these sites with information, comments and images of your Festival 2008 events. Today's images are of Open House events, but we'd like to see everyone's festival events represented here, so if you were part of a music, drama, literature or any other event, do let us have your images.

Pictured left - music at the Kinchin Open House in The Goffs

Eastbourne Open Houses co-ordinator, Julian Sutherland-Beatson

If you already have your own MySpace we hope you'll join our network at Otherwise (or in addition) please do leave a comment here on our blog to tell us about your festival 2008 successes. If you have an image of your event which you'd like us to publish, please send it as a low resolution JPEG to & we'll put it up on the site for you.

Artist, Claire Hackney, gives a portrait demo at her Open House in Latimer Road.

Also, if you visited an Eastbourne Festival 2008 event which you enjoyed, please tell us about it by leaving your comment here.

We look forward to being able to read about some of your experiences of Eastbourne Festival 2008.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


EASTBOURNE FESTIVAL 2009 WILL TAKE PLACE FROM 11th - 26th APRIL 2009. A new Eastbourne Festival Community Interest Company has been formed to organize and promote an Eastbourne Festival for 2009 and future years. Plans are already under way to build upon the success of the 2008 Eastbourne Festival.

During March 2008 over 150 Festival events including music, dance, literature and artists Open Houses were held at venues across the town. Organisers were pleased and encouraged by the number of visitors supporting events and the huge enthusiasm for the Festival.

Organisers of Eastbourne Festival 2009 are committed to promoting excellence, diversity and imaginative interaction across artforms and will encourage the development of a broad programme of traditional, contemporary and experimental events for future Festivals.